Trying out Twitter's polling feature

I'm pretty sure I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I've finally discovered Twitter polls! I recently polled the Twitterverse to find out how those in the market for voiceover services are going about finding and hiring talent for their projects. Despite the fact that I promoted the tweet and added some focused hashtags, I didn't get as much participation as I had hoped. I still feel, however, that the information is useful and I will probably use the feature again in the future. Here are the results:

Are you taking advantage of this polling feature? What other social media strategies are working for you?



Fran McClellan

Youthful, warm, conversational, and real. Fran has a versatile range and can voice anything from silly to serious and from thoughtful teenager to spirited young mom. From her professionally equipped studio, Fran provides quality voiceover services for a variety of project types including TV/Radio commercials, corporate narrations, web explainer videos, promos, and much more. Fran is available via Source-Connect, Source-Connect NOW, Bridged ISDN, Soundstreak, and ipDTL. Representation: Diane Schorsch - Play Talent Agency Michael Owen - Heyman Talent (East)